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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sean wants to take you windsurfing on Maui

Sean Aiken just spent some time on Maui with his family before returning to Hood River.  Sean is definitely one of the most exciting windsurfers to watch at the Hatch.  The forwards and back loops that he throws in nuking gorge conditions are the envy of all.  Plus he's a super nice guy, and throws the occasional very fun party!

Pictured above - Zoe Najim, Whit Poor, Philip Soltysiak, moi, and Peter Najim.  Now how did I get in the middle of all these super hot windsurfers?

Sean just posted a video filmed from various angles and sessions on Maui using a GoPro HD.  It's an awesome video and it must be seen by all. In Sean's words..

This was my backyard for 11 years and one of my very favorite places to sail. After a few years of living off the island I took my family back for a visit. This is a compilation of the first 5 days back and gives a general idea of what a typical windsurfing session is like there.

So cool. Thanks Sean!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for Sean's video, very interesting. Liked all the different camera shots. The helmet cam shot trough his wind down the line of the other guy was unique. And the masts down the line were good also.

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