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Friday, March 5, 2010

Hanging out at Kanaha

There is no doubt that one of the nicer things about windsurfing, or any sport for that matter, is the after sesh, hanging with your friends, drinking a bev or two, and basically shooting the breeze. "Yo dude, did you see that gnarl wave that I had to jump through!" Or more likely, "Hey check out this new quad fin Quatto proto type I just picked up from Levi". Actually that's for real, maybe more on that in another post. And a particularly pleasant beach like Kanaha is particularly nice to hang out at. Especially on a particularly nice day, which happens fairly often on the fair isle of Maui. Which is why we like it here so much.  So I thought I spread the good vibes by sharing a few photos of our friends at Kanaha, taken last Tuesday after one of the biggest days (wave wise) we had since we've been here (ever).  So if you can't be here right now, this is what we do most every day.

Finally I have a special artistic video, sort of a Moby, Ken Burns, kanaha, Debra mash-up. Hope you enjoy. Aloha from Kanaha!

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