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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Looking at Lowers and AWT registration fun.

After spending one day hanging at Uppers, we decided to really shake things up, so we moved our butts down to Lowers for the next day's action. The weekend swell was still with us along with the Windsurfing Magazine test crew, giving the new crop of 2012 wave boards a good shake out (preview - almost all are very nice, and most are now officially tri or quad fin shapes).  Julia was out riding the 2012 Goya quad 78 which has been working very well for her.  It was my duty to take some pictures with my new super zoom and this is what I got...

Besides Julia we had some other friends getting in on the fun.  Such as Royn Bartholdi...

The next three shots are a guy we recently met at a party and I just can't remember his name, and I'm also not sure about the last two, but they're all getting some nice turns. Anybody got names for me, please speak up!

Besides all the on the water action, I could't help but turn my camera to the left and get a quick pic of Maddy, one of the very lovely gals with the windsurfing test crew. As you can see, this turned into a bit of a self portrait.  And speaking of lovely, I also caught Rebecca returning from her session on a new Simmer board and showing nothing but smiles.  Nice!  PS - Rebecca has not one but two blog's, here and here, that you should really check out.

Now as every windsurfing paying attention to current events is no doubt aware, the American Windsurfing Tour's premier event, The Makani Classic at Hookipa, is here, starting today Oct 27th.  Right now we're looking at light but sail-able wind for the next four or five days. Unfortunately the north shore is dead flat at the moment but a medium sized bump (3-6') feet is due for Friday, and a much larger swell (up to 15') is predicted for Monday.  Sam and the AWT crew have the interesting challenge of picking the best three of the next six days (from Oct 27 - Nov 2) to run the show.  Word is today (Thurs) is officially on hold.  No waves so no big surprise there.  I'm guessing they will get some action tomorrow with the medium swell that's forecast, and probably Saturday as well.  After that, hopefully we'll have better wind and wave info to make the call for Sun, Mon, Tues.  It would be sweet if heats could be run in the significant waves that are predicted for Monday.  Anyway, some action is guaranteed and we'll all see it soon enough.

Meanwhile, AWT has put together an amazing week of parties with something fun going on every night.  I feel it is my sacred duty to participate in these as much as possible (as I can't compete otherwise) and try to bring some of the fun to you.  Last night was the opening registration at the Kahalui Ale house.  Julia, Rebecca, and Debbie were handing out the swag to all the competitors.  I assisted them, mostly by taking pictures with a few select participants (Brawzinho, Boujmaa, me!, and a really large T-shirt with a three headed monster.  Also there was this scary dude at the front door to greet everyone.)

Tonight is the Goya/Quattro party, tomorrow 4th Friday in Paia, Saturday is the Maui Ultra Fin lounge party at Neil Pryde, and Monday night is Halloween.  Whoa! - going to be a challenge keeping up with all that but I think I can do it.  And hopefully get some competition action shots from Hookipa as well.

One last thing- just a medical update.  Most of you know I had a little procedure about six weeks ago that basically involved ripping my chest open and replacing a big chunk of my aorta along with some extensive repair work in the heart valve region.  Ouch!  Well I'm felling much better now and very recently I started riding my mountain bike for exercise, which included a  ride from Kanaha to Hookipa, something like a 15 mile round trip.  And let me tell you, it was crowded at Hookipa! Not much more to report other then the recovery seems to be going as well as possible and, unless I hear otherwise from medical professionals, I plan on adding easy hills to the biking, light jogging, and some mellow swimming/paddling over the next few weeks.  I've been asked when I might be able to windsurf again. My best guess is six months after the surgery, which would mean roughly mid March.  Maybe a touch sooner for good behavior. Sometime before that I'll talk with a cardiologist and I'm sure I'll get better advice.  Anyway, for now it's all good!

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