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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer (sort of)

Same old story here. It's summertime and we're back in the gorge.  Also back to a very busy schedule so of course not much spare time for the old blog. Anyway, let me summarize the summer so far in the NW... it's been cool.  And by cool I mean not much like summer.  Those of you sweltering in other parts of the country need to come here right now. Today's high was something like 68.  It should be 85 or higher.  Also the Columbia's current has been running at max (about twice the usual summer flow).  Good news is on windy days we have giant swells at the Hatch.  Bad news is it's been very choppy at Dougs and unsailable so far at the Wall.  And the water is cold - only about 63 in the middle of July.  Should be closer to 68 by now.  Hey but you can get some nice skiing if you want - plenty of snow still on the high peaks.  Check out the view of Mt Adams from our deck:

Never get tired of seeing that.  Also I never get tired of seeing Sean Aiken riding and jumping swell at the Hatch.

Some of the best sailing has been way out east in the desert, such as Roosevelt/Arlington.  We were camping there a couple days in June had two great back to back days on a 4.2/3.7.  We brought the Goya 78 quad wave here from Maui so that's what I've been on.  The Goya quad is great for riding giant swell BTW.  I might pull out the side fins and try it as a twinzer some day.  Anyway it's a damn versatile board and has held up great.  While camping we were treated to a fine desert sunset.

Such cool colors, don't you think?  It was raining at that moment back in HR, but totally dry in the desert as usual.  But June showers bring July flowers right? I guess so cause we got lots of flowers in the yard.  Also check out the fence of old windsurfing boards.  I picked these up a few years back at a swap meet - sort of a miniature of the famous Haiku windsurfing fence.

And what else... well it was recently 4th of July here, meaning fireworks.  And I got some pretty decent shots of them, taken from a friend's "really big deck".  But it's late at the moment so those will have to wait until the next post.  Soon, very soon I promise!
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