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Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day Feast Maui Style

For our our first Thanksgiving in Maui (Turkey Day) we had dinner with some of our new friends up in Kula. This house had stunning views, artwork, food, and it was generally a festive occasion for all. Pictures below. Cheers!

The sun was slowing setting
Almost gone
Julia looking glamorous
The view from Jeff's Kula house looking west
Jeff had some very nice art - Hookipa
Waves on the beach
Textured wall sculpture
The view from the table
Table before food
The feast is served
Our awesome host - Jeff!
My plate - yummy!
Desert - pecan pie, apple pie and of course pumpkin pie
Debbie the photographer
Me and my girls
Francine showed us her famous cork blowing technique - how does it stay up there?
After dinner Jeff and girls entertained us
The piano man
Then Deb and Garth had to dance
Debra as ballerina
We danced until the dogs ran home

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