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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Spent Halloween this year (2009) in Paia. Not as crazy as Lahaina Halloweens of the past (more on that in a seperate post) but still much fun.

First there was the "Freaky fashion show at Thee Salon featuring models in great Paia boutique fashions, transformed into Halloween appropriate characters". We secured a spot near the front of the runway. Took a while for the show the start but once it did the crowd pressed in close to see all the fashion. And the models, as you can see from the photos below, were not bad either. Started with a Wizard of Oz theme, then morphed into devils, crusaders, vampires, 007 agents, then wrapped up with the crowd favorite - tiny weeny bikinis of course! During which the models were nice enough to shake some booty quite close to my camera.

Very nice! You can see all the photos here...

Paia Fashion Show
Or if you prefer it as a slide show...

Next we walked down to Jacques where the DJ was spinning some toonz. We didn't stay until the official costume contest but I think I got enough shots to show what the crowd was like. There was even a bit of GGW on the dance floor, which you might notice if you look through the photos below...

Halloween in Paia and Jacques

So not as wild as Lahaina but a much easier drive. Plus I heard that Lahaina was much quieter now that the streets stay open. I'm thinking Paia is the future for Maui Halloweens.

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