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Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's the End of the World ...

... and I think you know the punch line. So it's another freaking beautiful day here on Maui and I guess the world isn't ending so soon. Fortunately not, as we have some late May moderate NW swell aiming at the north shore right now with some medium to high level south swell on tap for next week. Wouldn't want to miss that! Speaking of next week - it's our last full week on Maui, and then we take - what is effectively now a summer break - back to Hood River and the Gorge. We're looking forward to HR and all the fun a summer in the Gorge entails. And yet we will be missing our friends and the island life in general. Maui is an addicting place I must admit. If you get used to the lifestyle here and it's a life you enjoy, then it may become difficult to live anywhere else. Let that be a warning for those who visit too frequently.

Some of the three people still following have asked me "what's up with the two month gap in posts"? Well not much has happened in two months. Actually not true! In fact just the opposite - simply put, I've been very very busy. The thing is I have this regular job. I'll spare the details but it is in the area of developing software for a west coast startup. Which periodically has major releases and we've just been - in fact are still going - through that process now. I wake up most days around 5:45 and put in a regular work day, which ends around 1-2-ish. Then it's usually off to the beach for a few hours of sailing, surfing or whatever. I work from a home office which can in theory be anywhere, though in practice is best to be either on pacific time or, as it turns out even better, Maui time. Anyway it can be fairly challenging work when deadlines approach. So after working a full day and then a few hours of playing in the surf, when I get home I have about zero desire to fire up the PC and sit next to a desk. The couch or bed is a much better option! (Maui midnight = 8:30 for me). Unless there's something really dramatic to report (like the end of the world or lack thereof). I know, it's a tough life. Let me show you how tough - here's a typical morning view from my office after my "commute"

The sunsets from here aren't too bad either...

Whenever I step outside my office the local cats attack..

Back when winter was still "raging" we had an all night lightening storm that took out our power for a bit.

So now that my work load has lightened slightly I'm going to try to push out a few more posts sooner than every two months.
Such as...
- The epic sessions "Reach for the Sky" didn't quite happen but I got some nice practice photos
- Our Goya gear and why we love it so
- 2011 Butterfly Effect
- Another Paia fashion show
- What's it like to spend an entire winter on Maui (hint, not too shabby)
- Fins, fins, fins
- Videos - I've seen some cool ones, maybe I'll do another myself some day
- Helmets - I wear one, maybe you should too?


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Catapulting Aaron said...

I've found that's the real challenge of blogging from somewhere that you get lots of good conditions -- I'd rather sail than write or think of stuff to write.

Glad to see you getting back on the horse. Also glad we're still alive and life is going on!

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