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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Butterfly Effect 2011

A few weeks back I was sitting in my car as a hard rain fell, watching a group of women pulling weeds from the side of the Hookipa parking lot. Mud was starting to run down the pavement and everybody was soaking wet.  At that moment I had a difficult time envisioning how the fifth edition of the Maui Butterfly Effect would become yet another shining success.  However, within a few minutes the tropical showers ended and a bright sun came out.  The girls were soon gathered on the beach in a large circle practicing yoga in warm sunshine and all was well.  Well mostly.  The showers eventually returned along with an inconsistent wind, and the Hookipa lifeguards recommended that the down winder be moved to the sunnier and drier Specks location.

Which in the scope of things is no big deal.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  You might ask just what is this Butterfly Effect.  In a nutshell, its a noncompetitive ocean sport gathering for women that takes place in various water sport locals across the globe. It started on Maui in 2007and since has spread to diverse locations around the planet, such as Hood River OR, Cabarete DR,  Fiji, Italy, and so on.  Tatianna Howard has been the main organizer behind the Butterfly Effect and she's done an awesome job keeping these running as smoothly as possible while growing the effect.  This year's Maui edition started with the a fore mentioned Hookipa weed removal and native planting.  After that came group yoga on the beach, a blessing for the participants, and the big down winder to Kanaha (which would have been from Hookipa if the wind had cooperated) for about 50 paddle boarders (SUPs), 25 windsurfers and 25 kiters.  The kiters actually did launch from Hookipa along with a few windsurfers (Nori and Junko) .

Julia was a group leader for the windsurfers, and I was an unofficial photographer, rigging caddy, cheer leader, and car driver.  After the girls launched from Sprecks, we all met again at Kanaha for a picnic catered by Flatbread Pizza, and then a beach cleanup under the guidance of the Maui Surfrider foundation.  If that sounds like a lot of activities, well it was, or at least I was tired by the end.  But that wasn't all!  That evening there was a fashion show at the Thee Salon in Paia (and I was the unofficial fashion show photographer as well), followed by  dancing at Moana Cafe.  Whew! Quite a day, but with smiles all around.  OK, here's my unofficial photos.  Enjoy!

These weeds are going down, rain or shine!

Julia rigged up for the Hookpia - soon to be moved to Sprecks - launch. But she was ready!

The always popular (for both photographers and participants) beach yoga...

Next stop Specks and some group photos.

The oh so lovely windsurfers were getting ready to launch.

As fifty paddle boarders headed toward Camp One and Kanaha.

A quick group hug and pre launch flight check for the windsurfers.

And then it was off to the horizon for the butterflies.

At the picnic site (near kite beach Kanaha) I was mesmerized by this amazingly detailed (and somewhat anatomically correct) carved stump.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, there was a fashion show in the evening. I got lots of pictures. Next post...


David Peterson said...

Hi Ben & Julia:

I just checked out your photos of the girls downwinder. Very fun, wish we could have been there. I am trying to convince Soma to take a nursing job on Maui this coming winter? Are you back in the Hood yet?

David P.

(Ben) Jamin Jones said...

David - Hope you guys land on Maui next winter cause I know we'll be there. Also we are in the Hood... now!

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