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Monday, March 14, 2011

After Tsunami Hookipa Photo Shoot

The damage on Maui from the tsunami is pretty minimal, though Kanaha was flooded and is still closed. Big bummer for us Kanaha regulars, but given what's going on elsewhere we're very happy and thankful that's all we have to worry about. All other beaches on the north shore are open for business, and we spent the afternoon at Hookipa trying to capture some of the action. There's been a steady dose of both wind and waves lately, in fact this week looks to feature some big combinations of the two, so from a windsurfing perspective we're having excellent early spring conditions. There's even a forecast of a decent south swell coming later this week.

In order of appearance:
Kauli Seadi, GP, Heike, Conner Baxter, Ingrid, Mark Angulo, Ricardo Campello, Dean Christner, Morgan Noireaux, Patrick Bergeron, Levi Siver, Keith Teboul, Kevin Pritchard, Ralf, Claudio Lassala, Sven Esslinger, and the rest unknown for now (send comments and I will add names, Mahalo)

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