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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The 2010 Butterfly Effect Maui Style

Despite challenging conditions - light on shore wind and large, choppy NE waves, the Maui Butterfly downwinder from (almost) Hookipa to Kanaha was a big success. And by big I mean tiny bikini's because this is after all Maui.

I don't have time right now for the full story. I might fill in more details later as (or if) I remember them. But I did spend some time introducing new tech into this blog (woo-hoo!). Below are thumbnails of every picture, and you my readers can click on any of these to see a bigger version, without being redirected to a new page. And then you can expand that to see an even bigger (full) version. OK, I thought that was pretty cool, but besides that - each picture is part of a slide show, so you can click right and left, or use your keyboard right and left keys, to navigate to each picture.

I added captions to each picture which tell most of the Maui Butterfly 2010 story. Enjoy!

[ PS - let me know if this thumbnail thing is working for you (or not). Also I added links to other blogs and Maui weather and surf info, etc, in expandable sections to the left. Just click "show" to expand each section. Cool? ]


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