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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gang Of Four (a windsurfing Movie 2 preview)

Julia and I drove up to Hookipa after our lowers wave sailing session, hoping to see someone on the water.  Anyone!  The waves were huge (see previous post), often closing out, with no wind on the inside and huge gusts blowing the tops off the waves on the outside. In short, very very technical conditions.

As we rounded the curve past Mama's, we saw only four sailors out, all catching waves in Lanes. Hmmm, we wondered, who would be out on a gnarl day like this?  Who indeed?  Robby Naish, Levi Siver, Jason Polakow, and Kai Lenny.  Cheers!


benjaminpink said...

Really great photos! thanks!

CHRIS KNAP said...

Awesome report and photos Jamin...

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